3/4 pcs Black and White Stripe Bedding Sets Quilt Cover & Bed Sheet & Pillowcase for Home Decoration

Size: 1M
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Fabric Use high-quality fabrics, comfortable and close-fitting, no lint, no ball quilt cover, intangible metal zipper, quality assurance, strong and durable. Dries quick on tumble dry low.
Pillowcases Wide sided pillowcases are adopted, which are strong and durable, with uniform stitching, which is convenient and atmospheric. Sheets European-style right-angle sheets with a more beautiful drape.


Bed fabric: Polyester
Printing and dyeing process: semi reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: plain weave
Bed style: personalized fashion series
Processing customization: Yes
Gram weight: 85
The main component of fabric: polyester fiber (polyester)

Package included:

1/2 X pillowcases

1 x Duvet Cover

1 x bed sheet

Please Notice:

1pc150*200cm(quilt cover), 1pc160*230cm(bed sheet), 1pc48*74cm(pillowcase) by option 1M size

1pc150*200cm(quilt cover), 1pc160*230cm(bed sheet),2pcs48*74cm(pillowcase) by option 1.2M size

2pcs150*200cm(quilt cover),  2pcs160*230cm(bed sheet), 2pcs8*74cm(pillowcase) by option 1.5M size

2pcs180*220cm(quilt cover), 2pcs230*230cm(bed sheet), 2pcs48*74cm(pillowcase) by option 1.8M size

2pcs200*230cm(quilt cover), 2pcs230*230cm(bed sheet), 2pcs48*74cm(pillowcase) by option 2M size

2pcs220*240cm(quilt cover), 2pcs230*250cm(bed sheet), 2pcs48*74cm(pillowcase) by option 2.2M size

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